Pirtek Southampton’s 24/7 Hose Centre carries a comprehensive stock of hoses and fittings in order to provide customers with instant ‘over-the-counter’ service

  • On-Site Services
  • Training Standards
  • Ram Service
  • Total Hose Management
  • Disposal of Oil & Hoses
  • Cesar Scheme


Pirtek Southampton’s Hose Centre carries a comprehensive stock of hoses and fittings in order to provide customers with instant ‘over-the-counter’ service.

The centre acts as the base for our ‘Mobile Workshops’ manned by trained technicians and capable of replacing almost any hose assembly on-site; in a factory, in a council yard, on a construction site, or the side of a motorway. Response time to a customer’s call is within the hour - often much faster. Our business has been built through this speed and effectiveness under pressure.

We sell ‘matched’ hose and fittings manufactured to the highest international standards and supply hydraulic products to large numbers of the world's leading manufacturers. This ensures that Pirtek Southampton products are at the forefront of global technological innovation.

Pirtek is able to provide cost effective options for the large hose user by providing quality products at a competitive price.

Trained to City & Guilds Certification standards

All Pirtek staff are extensively trained in our National training centre covering their relevant areas of business. These include: Health & Safety, Workshop Operating Procedures, Service Training, Customer Services, Administration and Managemen. This enables us to keep up to date with current law and procedures.

Pirtek technicians are trained to City & Guilds 2340 Certification in Hose Assembly Systems. Technicians also carry Personal Track Safety (PTS) and Safety Pass Alliance (SPA). They are also inducted to enter many restrictive sites within the region.

Pirtek Ram Service

Whether digging, loading, hauling or lifting, your equipment’s performance depends upon the quality and condition of its hydraulic components.

Pirtek Southampton’s ram repair service is designed with our customer needs in mind. We can offer a speedy turn around from site to workshop repair and back to site, reducing costly machine and operator downtime.

This service covers all repair & maintenance needs from a simple reseal and test to a ram straightening and honing.

Replacement rods can be made to patterns using a range of stainless and stand steels and new rams can be made from old damaged patterns.

Total Hose Management

As part of a Total Hose Management contract, trained and qualified Pirtek personnel will analyse and record all the hoses and assemblies that your company utilises. We'll make any necessary repairs and the details about all your equipment are kept secure and we can make replacements in future before failures happen.

Pirtek’s Total Hose Management service delivers:

- Reduced stockholding and improved cashflow
- Pro-active and preventive maintenance
- Better use of human resources
- No need to worry about a system failture
- No unplanned downtime

If you believe your company would benefit from the Pirtek Total Hose Management system, simply get in contact with us to receive further information.

Request the Total Hose Management brochure

Pirtek waste disposal service

The new Hazardous waste Regulations came into force in 2005. These now define waste oil and oil contaminated products as hazardous. Henceforth producers of hazardous waste have to register with the Environment Agency; and waste collectors have to follow a Consignment Note procedure.

Pirtek Southampton is registered as a collection point for hazardous waste. We will assist you to comply with the new Regulations and ensure oil waste products are dealt with legally.

We have an environmental policy, which strives to minimise the impact to the environment. As a result the majority of the oil collected is recycled. 

In the event of an oil spill, Pirtek Southampton has a range of absorbent and containment products as well as Spill Kits to help contain and clean up oil spills and minimise the environmental impact.

The CESAR Scheme

Protect your Plant and Equipment with Datatag for a Fixed Price. Using Datatag, Pirtek Southampton will do everything necessary in 4 easy steps to protect your plant from being stolen.

1) Call Pirtek – 02380 337737
The installation work will be carried out at your convenience and for a fixed price.
2) Verification
Pirtek technicians will check the machinery to ensure that serial numbers and/or VIN plates are intact and original; proof of ownership will be required
3) Install Micro Transponders
Special scanners used by police can read the tiny transponders that will be hidden in each piece of equipment. Our technicians will also apply Datadots and a forensic chemical DNA coding. This ensures safe return in the event of theft.
4) Plant Identity and Registration
Two tamper-proof plates carrying a unique registration number are fitted to the machine

CESAR scheme gives you:

  • Peace of mind that your equipment is protected by state of the art technology.
  • The potential to reduce your insurance premiums.
  • A greater chance that your equipment will be returned and a much greater chance to prosecute.
  • Each year up to £100 million of construction equipment is stolen in the UK each year. Victims of plant theft incur considerable costs:

Under the CESAR scheme, Datatag provides the following:

  • A secure 24/7 call centre for police and customer enquiries.
  • All appropriate machinery & Equipment will be parallel registered with the DVLA’s (excluding Northern Ireland) Off Road Register (ORR) allowing police instant access to the registered keeper files.
  • Accreditation to the ISO9000:2000 and LPS1224 standards and the “Secured by Design” scheme under ACPO and Home Office accreditation.
  • An interactive website to allow instant on-line reporting of stolen equipment.